Founder - Tim Tsui
(Da Teambronx)

Hong Kong figure artist and illustrator, actively participates in cross discipline creative projects, local and worldwide, amazed the world with his talent in illustration, graphic design and advertising development.
Tim had build up his own brand name called "Da TeamBronx" with surprise and special creative design. Recently Tim amazed us again with his groundbreaking creative concept, applying diamond into his figurine design, this unique and pioneering idea has earned him synonymous applause all over Asia and even worldwide.
Tim had invited to exhibit his works around the world at different countries, just like at 2004, a toy show organized by French famous fashion shop, Colette ; he was also asked to be the guest speaker at the Toyzworld Exhibition event ; Also tim had displayed and selling his toys at famous fashion shop Loveless-Japan, this gained Tim more well-known of his art toys in Japan. And right now, Tim just finished his world tour exhibition, including USA, United Kingdom, France and other countries at asia. It's no wonder why so many world major brands including Coca-Cola, Olympics Games 2008, Harsbro, ADIDAS, Li-Ning, MTV, Royal Elastics, Tower Records, Colette and WAD Magazine love to invite Tim to take part in their creative projects, making Tim an even more popular figurine artist.

(Da Teambronx)

香港でフィギュア・デザイナー&イラストレーターとしてよく知られ、イラスト、グラフィック・デザイン、広告デザインなど、様々なミディアで活躍。Da TeamBronxを設立し、世界中に出展。2004年、フランスブランドのColetteとトイズ・ショーを行ったほか、ゲストスピーカーとして"Toyzworld Exhibition"に参加。最近ではフィギュアデザインを突破し、ダイアをフィギュアにつけ、トイズクリエーションだけでなく、全アジアにも衝撃を与え、世界各地から反響を得た。 ティムはADIDAS, MTV, Coca-Cola, Royal Elastics,Tower Records, Colette, and WAD Magazineなど数多くのブランドとプロジェクトに指名され、大勢の人にサポートを得ている人気デザイナーである